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Short Term Rentals (STRs) and Vacation Rentals Comments Off on Short Term Rentals (STRs) and Vacation Rentals

Arizona cities have been limited in authority to control short term rentals (rentals of less than 31 days) by Arizona State legislators’ recent law. Scottsdale used to have a 31-day minimum rental ordinance. Some home associations have enforceable legal restrictions and (1) do not permit any rentals and/or (2) do not permit short term rentals.

July 2021 the Scottsdale City Council approved these changes: (1) require property STR registration (2) require payment of state, county and local Transaction Privilege Tax and Scottsdale’s “bed tax” (3) collect Civil fines for verified violations (4) form a STR Code Enforcement team (5) require in-person emergency response on a Nuisance Party and Unlawful Gathering ordinance complaint (6) limit occupancy to 6 adults and related children (7) disallow STR for the purpose of a party, commercial or unlawful purpose.

Party responsible person’s fine violation is $250 first offense, $500 second, and $1,000 third.

The owner’s fine is $750 first violation, $1500 second, $2000 third and $2500 fourth within one year. If four violations within 24 month the fine is between $10,000 and $20,000.

Ordinance details:


COGS is currently working with homeowners to draft and submit an ordinance that allows them to rent their separately located casita/guest house on their primary residential property. This draft includes (1) limit of one STR per parcel (2) the owner occupies either the casita/guest house or the main house during the STR period (3) the rental complies with all the Scottsdale STR ordinances.


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