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Scottsdale Infrastructure — Decaying by Delaying Comments Off on Scottsdale Infrastructure — Decaying by Delaying

This is the most recent audit on bridges, parking garages, parking lots, stormwater drainage assets streetlights and sidewalks.

BRIDGES AND CULVERTS: 231 exist. Since 2014, the ADOT recommendation list for repair and maintenance to be monitored and assessed by city departments was not acted upon.  Result: The 68th Street bridge north of Indian School Road lost underbelly and was closed for emergency repairs.  Public Works does not have a program to inspect and maintain pedestrian bridges and those less than 20 feet in length. ADOT recommends bridges every 2 years and culverts every 4 years.

PARKING GARAGES: Facilities Management has contracted for assessments of 5 of the 8 city-owned parking garages. Recommended repairs and maintenance had not been addressed (at the time of the audit). Street Operations department does not meet its goals for drainage asset inspections and reports do not consistently identify visible repair needs.

SIDEWALKS, STREET LIGHTS and PARKING LOTS: Inventories had not been reconciled or completed and condition assessments and maintenance programs established for these infrastructure items. The city has 14,000 streetlights, 880 miles of sidewalks, and 25 parking lots that are inspected every 2 years.

Importantly, the Public Works Department agreed with the audit report’s recommendations, and it has an action plan included in the full report that cites 2020/2021 to comply. No audit 2022 report is available.

NOTE: In February 2019, City Council adopted comprehensive financial policy #25 requires, in part, that proposed capital projects will prioritize prevention of existing infrastructure deterioration before the addition of new infrastructure.


                                                   Public Works Director, Dan Worth

Street Operations       Facilities Management               Capital Projects       Other Division Staff*

60 fulltime               54 fulltime                                      43 fulltime                 161 fulltime

*Other staff are Fleet Management, Solid Waste, Transportation and are not directly involved in infrastructure condition assessment.



BRIDGES and CULVERTS: August 2018 ADOT inventory labeled the 68th Street bridge and Shea/120th Street culvert as POOR condition.     Fair = 79 structures              Good=150 structures.

PARKING GARAGES: 2013 issues were identified and since 2015 engineering consultants have been hired for 5 of 8 parking garages


  • From 2015 to 2018, ADOT identified 183 repair and maintenance needs, including 11 repair recommendations. According to the audit, work orders were not created for any of the ADOT recommendations (as of this report date).
  • ADOT inspection reports noted evidence of water leaking, concrete spalling and broken light fixtures on Drinkwater Bridge for more than 10 years.
  • ADOT bridge inspection reports from 2012 to 2018 indicated that prior to 2018 major bridge components were not inspected for 12 of the 17 canal bridges due to water in the canal. ADOT began inspecting using kayaks to view underneath the bridge. Images of metal fatigue in the main supports and ineffective corrosion treatment was noted.
  • Parking Garage inspections: 2015-One Civic Center 2016-5th Ave  2018-Main Street   2019-Civic Center Library/Plaza    2019-2nd & Brown Livery Stable      2020-North Corp Yard                       2021-Southbridge
  • Of the 7,900 stormwater drainage assets by 2014 only 69% had been inspected.


Infrastructure happenings in 2022:

  • 70% of residential water usage is outdoors
  • 5% water use reduction is a 2022 goal per household as the Colorado River levels drop
  • A free outdoor water sprinkler and faucet efficiency check is available. Call 480 312 5650 to schedule yours.
  • Sewer rates will increase in July. If you use less than 25,000 gallons a month your rate will increase approximately $1.50.

Reference: Infrastructure Audit June 2019 (most recent) by Sharron Walker, City Auditor





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