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Scottsdale Residents Can Help With Short Term Rentals Comments Off on Scottsdale Residents Can Help With Short Term Rentals

Scottsdale residents have until March 31 to provide feedback on three proposed amendments to city code that help to regulate short-term rentals.

The city has been using two ordinances as primary tools to help regulate short-term rentals: code on vacation rentals and nuisance parties.

Assistant City Manager Brent Stockwell says three proposed changes would address loopholes in current enforcement. Like expanding who can be held responsible for a loud party.

“So under the change then a promoter who organizes it can be held accountable along with the person who owns the property or the person that rented the property,” Stockwell said.

Other changes include not allowing minors to rent and making it unlawful for non-rental holders to stay on the property once the police declare a party to be a nuisance.

“These aren’t things that are really going to impact any of the people renting short-term rentals lawfully and staying there. It’s going to only impact those that are using those properties, or really any property in the city, for holding a nuisance party or an unlawful gathering,” Stockwell said.

Stockwell told city councilors in November that there are 23 separate short-term rental requirements that are already part of city code. He said that makes education and enforcement challenging.

The amendments addressing short-term rentals are headed to the City Council in May.

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