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Scottsdale Saves More Than 38 Million Gallons Of Water Comments Off on Scottsdale Saves More Than 38 Million Gallons Of Water

Scottsdale said it saved more than 38 million gallons of water in 2022 after focusing on conservation due to worsening drought conditions.

The East Valley city wanted to reduce usage by 5% last year and asked residents and businesses to follow suit, an initiative that was partially met.

City department usage dropped 6% in 2022. Residential and business conservation was not noticeable, but grass removal rebates and outdoor water efficiency check programs rose to record levels.

Scottsdale said efforts to aggressively find and fix water leaks, installation of more efficient equipment and the decision to not plant winter grass in several parks played into the savings.

Nearly 62,000 square feet of grass was removed at four parks last year, according to Scottsdale.

The city’s water conservation push is still in its infancy.

Scottsdale’s plan to conserve water is expected to last multiple years with Colorado River projections forecasted to remain the same or decrease in the coming years, the city said in January 2022.

Stage one of the city’s Drought Management Plan is in place and residents could face increased water use restrictions and mandatory water conservation in the future.

More than 40 million people in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Wyoming, Utah and Mexico are served by the Colorado River, with Lake Mead and Lake Powell being used to not only store the water but also gauge the river’s health.

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