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Mandatory Green Construction Codes Take Effect Comments Off on Mandatory Green Construction Codes Take Effect

Scottsdale’s 2021 International Green Construction Code is now mandatory. The code was adopted in December by Scottsdale City Council and took effect July 1.

The IGCC change helps Scottsdale strengthen the resiliency of buildings, reduce environmental impacts, protect natural resources and adapt to new building technologies, according to a press release. It’s also expected to cut 20% of each new building’s water use and reduce greenhouse gas emission by at least 13%.

It’s an innovative step toward long-term sustainability, the release stated. Scottsdale is the first city in the state and one of only a few nationwide to implement such guidelines.

Adopting the IGCC standards aligns with Scottdale’s voter-approved General Plan 2035 goal to reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the heat island effect in the city.

The new green construction code applies to all new commercial and multifamily buildings.

Environmental benefits include:

  • Mitigation of heat island effect with site shading and cool pavements.
  • Reduced water consumption with high efficiency plumbing fixtures and smart irrigation controls.
  • Accommodations for electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
  • Resilient and energy-efficient buildings with on-site renewable energy.
  • Biodiverse certified lumber for building projects using wood framing, sheathing and flooring.
  • Reduced impact materials with recycled content and local resources.
  • Construction waste reduction, recycling and repurposing.
  • Improved indoor air quality with low-VOC interior paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and flooring.

Implementing green building features bring economic benefits as well, including reduced operating costs, enhanced indoor health, occupant productivity, life-cycle cost savings and improved property value, according to the press release.

For more information, visit, search “Green Building Program.”

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