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City Council Says No Grass For New Single-Family Homes Comments Off on City Council Says No Grass For New Single-Family Homes

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — The Scottsdale City Council has approved an ordinance prohibiting natural grass in the front yards of new homes built in the city.

The ordinance will apply to single-family homes built or permitted after Aug. 15 this year.

The measure was unanimously approved by members of the council.

In a news release, the city called the move “a significant step towards amplifying the city’s water conservation efforts.”

The city said feedback shows 86% of water customers support the initiative.

Last year, Scottsdale set out to reduce the amount of water the city uses by 5%. It also asked businesses and residents to do the same.

“The City Council’s decision further establishes Scottsdale’s commitment to sustainable water management,” said the executive director of the city’s water department Brian Biesemeyer.

Then again this year, the city challenged its residents to reduce water usage by 5%.

The new ordinance is the latest measure to save water in the city.

“Scottsdale aims to lead the way in water conservation practices, setting an example for other communities across the region,” said Biesemeyer.

The conservation efforts are paying off.

According to officials, in the first six months of this year, the city reduced its water usage by 9% compared to what it was using on average over the past three years.

“Residents and businesses stepped up as well, reducing water use by 7% when compared to the average past three years and 5% better than last year,” the city said.

Those conservation efforts have saved up to about 657 million gallons of water.

Officials said the ordinance will work in conjunction with rebate plans already in place.

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