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Scottsdale Statement – Arizona Senate Bill 1432 Comments Off on Scottsdale Statement – Arizona Senate Bill 1432

Scottsdale Statement – Arizona Senate Bill 1432

June 15, 2023

Statement issued by the Scottsdale City Manager’s Office

As part of its continuing leadership role in addressing the lack of a sustainable water supply for Maricopa County residents in the Rio Verde Foothills area, the City of Scottsdale stands ready to do its part as Arizona Senate Bill 1432 is signed into law.

Scottsdale worked diligently with legislators and the Governor’s office and is confident that this legislation protects Scottsdale residents and addresses the city’s primary short-term concerns while placing the city back into a role as temporary provider of water for Rio Verde Foothills.

Key provisions from the City of Scottsdale’s perspective include:

  • Scottsdale would work with a newly created standpipe district that would be responsible for obtaining the water that Scottsdale would treat, and the city would be reimbursed for the full reasonable costs of service.
  • The standpipe district would be responsible for contracts and billing its customers, and for reimbursing Scottsdale for full and reasonable costs incurred; the city would not be liable for any actions after the water is provided at the standpipe.
  • Scottsdale’s own water would not be used and Scottsdale’s state mandated Drought Management Plan would not be affected.
  • The number of homes eligible to receive water would be limited to 750.

Once the standpipe district is established, the City of Scottsdale will work with the district on an intergovernmental agreement which would be brought forward for City Council consideration.

Review Arizona Senate Bill 1432 here (PDF).

Statement from Mayor David D. Ortega

“Sometimes the mirage in the distance causes the nearest oasis to be overlooked. On Feb. 21, the Scottsdale City Council anticipated the terms of an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) and unanimously approved a draft IGA for providing a temporary water supply to Rio Verde Foothills. As mayor, I believe that the draft IGA protects Scottsdale Water facilities, conforms to our Drought Management Plan, is fiscally responsible, and could move forward to the proposed standpipe district.”

Original article can be found here.

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