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Scottsdale Looks To Rein In Unruly Short-Term Rentals Comments Off on Scottsdale Looks To Rein In Unruly Short-Term Rentals

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (AZFamily) — The Scottsdale City Council voted on Monday night on three changes designed to target loud short-term rental party houses.

The council unanimously approved the measures within the first several minutes of the meeting after a quick deliberation.

One of the measures approved targets promoters of big house parties and holds them responsible if things get out of control.

Another would allow police to remove nonresidents from a property after a nuisance party is declared.

The third item approved bans anyone under 18 from renting a short-term property.

While the three-pronged approach cracks down on major complaints residents have had about short-term rentals, the City Council says its hands are tied by state law and can’t do more.

“There’s no question not only are they a nuisance, but they are a hazard. There’s been criminal activity, drop houses at short-term rentals as well and it’s not just promoters, it’s the lack of supervision and accountability of owners,” said Scottsdale Mayor David Ortega before the vote.

Kate Bauer with the Arizona Neighborhood Alliance is pleased to see Scottsdale take action with its “promoter ordinance” but doesn’t think it goes far enough in protecting the rights of homeowners living next to a short-term rental.

“It helps with DJs at organized parties which will help with all of the noise and multitude of cars but it’s not going to help residents at all with one of biggest problems in Scottsdale, which is bachelorette weekends and themed weekends. That’s where the bulk of complaints come from,” she said.

She added real change is hard because of a state law that limits cities’ power to regulate short-term rentals.

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