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Increased Height and Density Comments Off on Increased Height and Density

What is it about increased heights and density that is detrimental to Scottsdale and those of us who live here? Height and density are generally related as increasing height also increases density and as the city approaches build out, the ways to increase density are to increase height, to upzone to a greater intensity (more units per acre) or both.


Why is increasing height generally undesirable?

  1. Blocks views of mountains, desert and skies Scottsdale is famous for and that attracts both residents and tourists.
  2. Destroys the small town feel that attract both tourists and residents.
  3. Fewer tourists and residents reduce support of our shops and stores.
  4. Transforms Scottsdale into just another big city with nothing unique.
  5. Increases density (see below).


Why is increasing the density of development generally undesirable?

  1. Increases traffic congestion and crowding, to the detriment of both residents and tourists.
  2. Stresses parking. Parking is already a major issue and dense developments make it a lot worse, especially since the city does not require adequate parking for such projects. Negatively impacts our downtown businesses.
  3. Stresses all infrastructure and city facilities, including roads, water, sewer, libraries, parks, etc. increasing costs to residents and decreasing their quality of life. The city has neglected maintenance which is very obvious and visible to residents and tourists alike.
  4. Negatively impacts tourism, a major contributor to the city’s income. Tourists come to Scottsdale to experience the laid back, small town, uncongested feel, not to see another dense urban city.
  5. High density residential development costs the city far more than any income it produces, driving the city toward an unsustainable future. It is critical to stop approving changes that will negatively impact the city financially.
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